Fellow Leadership Greater McHenry County Alumni,

First and most importantly, thank you to all who are on the front lines of serving others. We are humbled and deeply appreciative of selflessness and your immense caring hearts.

LGMC has been quiet this past week on purpose. You are flooded with messages, tips, and important COVID-19 updates. Adding to that immediately did not serve you. As is often the case in crisis, everyone feels a sense of URGENT. And then a calmer rhythm emerges. I suspect we have not reached calmer yet as we are still learning how to modify our behavior to flatten the curve.  While we intentionally head in that direction, Frannie Glosson and I want to offer a possibility to you.

Everyone is familiar with The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Poser – it has been a text offered to all 16 LGMC classes.  As many of us have had to hit a significant pause button, now is an opportune time to explore the 5 Practices in relation to our collective experience. I invite you to join Frannie and me in considering how each manifests in your current situation.

We ARE all in this together. No choice in that. How we respond IS our choice. Let’s make sense of servant leadership through the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership in the coming weeks together. Help broaden our view. We hope to do the same for you.

If you care to join this process, go find your Leadership Challenge book – whether it’s the 3rd edition the Class of 2005 began with, the 6th edition the Class of 2020, is holding, or any edition in between, grab yours and once each week beginning next Tuesday, March 31st, let’s begin exploring aspects relevant this unique place in time and how we can better approach leadership.

Watch for our LGMC Constant Contact email encouraging you to continue recruiting for the Class of 2021.  YES! We are excitedly preparing to welcome a new class of leaders. We will also offer opportunities to serve on committees.

ALSO, check our FB page LGMC Alumni for community needs and ways you can help.  If you are not part of our private group, you can make the request directly through FB, then you’ll be connected one more way with our community of leaders.

Continue to take care and be safe.