marcy-piekos-edOften I am asked why my conviction is so strong in believing LGMC is the premier leadership organization in our area. It really starts with the key distinction that LGMC goes beyond enhancing individual leadership acumen. Our focused mission, the community-based curriculum, and the valuable connections we foster between influencers and with organizations, clearly define who we are.

Each June we celebrate the graduation of 32 highly committed and motivated leaders. These individuals join our alumni ranks to strengthen the cornerstone of our organization. They become a resource to the community ready to embrace volunteer opportunities and serve on non-profit boards. The impact of LGMC is evident through their involvement in the community.

Along with the Board of Trustees and our nearly 400 alumni, I envision leaders at all levels, and in all sectors, who are willing and able to work together for McHenry County’s best future. Ultimately I believe LGMC accomplishes this by transforming leaders’ perspectives and provoking new thought. The benefit is informed leaders taking an active role in creating our future. They know more so they can do more.

If you are a leader who wants to be connected, have stronger leadership skills and be more engaged in our community, consider applying to this extraordinary program. Be among the alumni who are influencers in McHenry County shaping a healthier community.